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“I said I do not know what madness is. It can be all or nothing. It is a human condition.
In us madness exists and is as present as our reasoning.
The problem is that society, to be civil, should accept as much of reasoning as of madness.
“(Mark Levy MD, Conferences in Brazil, 1979)

Giacomo draws, loves comics and has a job. James has a normal life.
Then something breaks, and all the things that were simple and natural before become tiring and unmanageable. Giacomo is a man whose life was lost and who had to find a new way, new connections, different resources, to resume his existence.
A man with a psychological illness that has been cured, who has found equilibrium again, who fell but has now risen.

#iosonoGiacomo is a campaign that aims to bring awareness on mental illness and fights stigma. It was founded by the Group Aeper of Bergamo and is supported by the Comunnity Foundation of Bergamo.

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