Syrian refugees in Turkey

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We are in Kilis, the Turkish town closest to the Syrian border. From our house you can see Aleppo, or what’s left of Aleppo. The official border is no more than five minutes drive from here. The area, a large minefield that is 1 kilometer wide, runs along the division of the two countries and is less than 3 minutes drive.
At the moment (March 2014) in Kilis there are 80,000 Turks and 200,000 Syrian refugees out of which 30% are in camps and the others are living wherever they can.
The ones that arrived before the housing price increased, caused by the war, managed to rent flats. The others, if they can afford it, share apartments with families. But many find space in abandoned or occupied houses that often are inadequate.
There are people and families who have lost everything, their house, work and beloved ones, who have run away from their country because it rained bombs on their head, or their children were targeted by snipers. Everyone has a terrible story to tell. Many women have experienced violence, children don’t go to school and many men have died or been seriously injured
One thing struck me hard: none of the people I photographed were able to answer this question: Why this war? Why did it start, and will it ever end?
They ignore the reasons for their suffering,
They bear their circumstances that someone else has imposed on them with dignity, and hope in their hearts to be able to return one day to their previous lives .

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