Spaghetti Western

  • Voghera Meeting – June 2013
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  • Christmas Country Meeting – It take place in Pordenone every December.
  • Salone del cavallo – It take place in REggio Emilia every May.
  • Bullriding, Clayland Ranch – Novi Ligure
  • Roping, Clayland Ranch, Novi Ligure.
  • Clayland Ranch – Novi Ligure
  • Davide and Giuliana Ceretti House near Torin
  • Davide and Giuliana Ceretti House near Torin
  • Morena and Silvano Wedding in Las Vegas – August 2013

Italy has a long history surrounding Country, the culture, the music, and the way of dancing.
It became popular in the late ’80s, thanks to American military bases, especially the Ederle one in Vicenza. But today, more than ever, Country has spread among the “unexpected”.
These people started attending dance classes, wearing hats and boots, and changing their lifestyle into something, until some time ago in Italy, you could only see in the movies.
A part from the dance style, that is the most visible part of this phenomenon, the world of Country has lots of unexpected sides.
The non-members of the clan (because this is a clan), would not know that in Novi Ligure (Piemonte) is a farm where the cowboys breed rodeo bulls and horses and where they hold competitions of a sport that is certainly not a typical Italian sport.
Loads of Italians men risk their lives every week attending a very serious school of Bullriding.
And many people invest time and money to train horses that help them during roping competitions (in which you capture a calf with a rope).

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